Edith Dekyndt

Edith Dekyndt - Chronology of tears, 2014
Edith Dekyndt - Paradise syndrome, 2014
Edith Dekyndt - Krasny Ougol, 2013
Edith Dekyndt - Slow stories, 2013
Edith Dekyndt - The Painter's Enemy, 2012
Edith Dekyndt - God visit Newton, 2011
Edith Dekyndt - God visit Newton, 2011
Edith Dekyndt - Project for the dead sea, 2011
Edith Dekyndt - Dead Sea Drawings, 2010

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Edith Dekyndt has distributed her artistic practices over a wide range of media, spanning from drawing and sculpture, to installation and video. In all of her work she turns towards strategies of separation, colour becomes a characteristic in and of itself, which is articulated in bodyless forms, in stains of oil, or in the form of gas in a room. In her drawing works, Dekyndt turns these moments of separation into their opposite extreme, into imprints of symbiosis. Dekyndt’s drawings return the fragility and airiness of the medium as one of its inherent instability, again, turning towards a dematerialization, a separation of colour from its substrates.