Raffaella Crispino

Weather Forecast
De Haan
200 Différents Oiseaux
Har Homa
Lebanon 1984
Observing Horizon
Sometimes Ignorance Gives you the Chance to Ask the Right Question

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Raffaella Crispino’s work emerges from a direct approach to things, stories and situations. She is inspired by the research of the sense of these and of their human aspects. Her work creates subtle links with the places and landscapes from which it emerges.
 Concepts and emotions coexist in minimal and layered works. Through a stratification of meanings, personal stories and local dynamics reveal structural contradictions and open to larger themes and issues. Small dynamics always echoes larger political situations.
 In their aesthetics, these epic and magnifying images shows the choral aspect of her work. Even if based on a sharp and critical point of view, through various medias, her work explores contemporary cultures in their very characteristics, offering a social and political portrayal.
 Crispino’s work seeks a certain “displacement” of sense. Documentation and direct involvement play a crucial role and form primary materials to model, elaborate, in order to reveal these “displacements” and their ambiguities.