Delphine Deguislage

Delphine Deguislage - Life's Flux, 2015
Delphine Deguislage - ABC / Le Guepard, 2014
Delphine Deguislage - Beyonce, 2014
Delphine Deguislage - Ciggies Iced Ciggies, 2014
Delphine Deguislage - Mineral sex, 2014
Delphine Deguislage - Mobilier1, 2014
Delphine Deguislage - Natural High, 2014
Delphine Deguislage - Sandy, 2014

Het tonen van deze data is nog volop in ontwikkeling.
We werken hard achter de schermen om alles zo logisch en compleet mogelijk te tonen.

Delphine Deguislage’s work is multidisciplinary in its form. The act of producing the work herself becomes a game in which she can endorse many different roles. Survival, problem solving and autonomy, are issues that particularly interest her. This results in a work process that is about intuitively finding formal solutions using inexpensive materials usually from a wide range of suppliers, not specifically art related. The objects and images that she makes through successive associations are autonomous but still assembled responding to the exhibition.