Mike Carremans

Mike Carremans - T.M., 2015
Mike Carremans - Abbreviations, 2014
Mike Carremans - M.C. I, 2014
Mike Carremans - M.C. II, 2014
Mike Carremans - M.D., 2014
Mike Carremans - M.O.D. (Ministry of Dedication), 2014

Het tonen van deze data is nog volop in ontwikkeling.
We werken hard achter de schermen om alles zo logisch en compleet mogelijk te tonen.

Through the use of images that contain flaws that are inherent to its method of reproduction, Mike Carremans questions and visualises the world as it appears to him as being a colour-blind. This interest in interruptive elements in perception and reproduction results in a painterly gesture that moves between abstraction and figuration. In his paintings he researches the possible contributions that these  flaws have towards the image.