Thé van Bergen

De Acrobaten
De Gemaskerden
Het Schouwspel
De Draad
De Voorbijganger
De Gebogene
De Gebogene
De Voorbijgangers
Het Park

Het tonen van deze data is nog volop in ontwikkeling.
We werken hard achter de schermen om alles zo logisch en compleet mogelijk te tonen.

Words string themselves together to form sentences and these sentences can join to form a narrative, that is, the words do not do that themselves; it is done through their proximity to each other, and from that proximity man weaves a connection, a story. Humans are questing and connecting creatures, and in recent art history the artwork has been realised mainly in this connection, Today Thé van Bergen brings the medium of painting into the actuality of this sensing by grouping series of works around well-defined themes, concepts or categories. He has made a cartography of pointed, fascinating and recurring motifs, categories that form the starting point for specific exhibitions. These categories function as contexts, and at the level of the exhibition they influence and manipulate the imaginary effect of each painting separately.

(Fragment of essay by Piet Vanrobaeys "Being on the way in the distance, The integral art of Thé van Bergen". Catalogue Thé van Bergen, Categorieën / Het schouwspel. Campo Santo Gent, Galerie Willy Schoots Eindhoven)