Lucie Renneboog

The Green - Sublime Intervention in Floral Space
The Hoax
Never Over There
Never Over There
Just Fail
Rocked 'n Ruïned II

Het tonen van deze data is nog volop in ontwikkeling.
We werken hard achter de schermen om alles zo logisch en compleet mogelijk te tonen.

Lucie Renneboog, obsessed with ideas but clearly rejecting theoretical guidelines, attempts a cheerful crossover. Her "mini-installations", "arena architectures", "impishly staged model construction", "anarchy", and her "chairoplane ballads" painted with the digital camera are renewed evidence of a general "loss of the middle".
But this does not stop the artist from circling the void with a tremendous amount of creative energy or from celebrating it disharmoniously, free of portentous attitudes of providing meaning. What arises as a mixture of neoromanticism, unbridled decorating frenzy, and snapshots describes a real space of freedom and passion (without shyness about borrowing)!